Sketches for my zine and Typography poster

To help give me an idea of what I want my projects to achieve, I have made some thumbnail sketches to help with planning and experimenting.


This page is for the type walk poster. I experimented with the idea of having the letters like a collage with an image in the background like the De La Warr Pavilion etc. Continuing with the collage theme I though it might look good if the background image was a collage form as well . So with the photos taken at Bexhill I wanted the picture of the sky, sea and pebbles which I then will give a paper torn effect and layer the 3 images making a collage. The type will then go over the top. I also imagined that the type could look a bit like stamps over the top of the main images. I sketched these before the trip so this helped me to know what photos I had to take while at Bexhill. However with the college background theme, I don’t want the background to overpower the main element and reason for the poster, the type. If I find that it is too over powering and distracts the audience from the main focus of the project, I could lower the opacity of the collage and add a white box over the top fading the image all together. Or I could ditch the collage idea and brainstorm again or develop my original idea further (depending on how much time I have left).


These two pages are designs for my zine. This top page was the basic plan on which type was going on which page. I have change my mind a few times since sketching this and plan to do more up to date sketches. Im planing to do pages on Blackletter and the history, an art nouveau page including water colour flowers eat. I also plan to make a geometric font possibly using a Spirograph.I also intend to make a page in the style of punk as this is very much like collage.





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