Previous Sketches

img_9135These flowers were drawn with pencil and fine liner. These flowers were from my garden and the colours were so beautiful and I couldn’t show this through pencil and fine liner. I decided it might look nice to paint water-colour over the top of the fine liner so it would bleed and mix with the colour. I loved the way they turned out as they looks very art deco, arts and crafts or maybe art nouveau. I could possibly see this as a stained glass window. I think I might include this in zine as an art nouveau page with tissue paper layered over the top.I am also considering making more of these drawings, photocopying them and overlapping them on the page. I will then add the type to match the drawings.


These were experiments with types  I also did in the summer holidays. I wanted to keep up my with my drawing skills plus I wanted to experiment with what type worked well together, little did I know that our first project would be on typography. Most of the fonts I experimented with were ones from signs with the shadowing and 3D effects as i wasn’t good at these in my previous sketch books.





This page is unfinished however I was trying to create a continuous pattern. There was no reasoning however I liked how it was quite geometrical and I love how it includes different tones.It could possibly be used on the backs of playing cards, post cards, greetings cards, pillows, bed covers and I could possibly make a typeface out of this pattern. I do intend to finish this illustration. I could interpret it this into my zine by photocopying or tracing, it could work with the geometric page.



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