About Peter Blake

Peter Blake was often referred to as “the Godfather of British Pop Art”.He was best known for designing the iconic album cover for the Beatles ‘Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’. his work was inspired by his love pop culture. It is said that when at school at Gravesend School of Art at the age of 14 this is where he found his love in unique and wonder objects that contribute to his pop art work. By the late 1950’s Peter Blake had become established in Pop art and continued to become one the most famous British pop artists.  After studying Peter Blake and pop art I have started to compare his work to other famous pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton and Roy Lichtenstein. They all use bright colours, some include collage and photography but all of them use block colour and bold lines. Pop art isn’t  detailed and precise like art nouveau or the arts and crafts movement. Here is the primary research that I collected of his work from the exhibition in Bexhill:

However I also found out that Peter Blake did the painting design on the Mersey Ferry. On the boat you can learn more about the history of dazzle and the role that the Mersey Ferries took in the First World War in a display produced by Merseyside Maritime Museum and Tate Liverpool. Blake work was named  ‘Everybody Razzle Dazzle’ and transformed the boat into a moving piece of artwork (In Liverpool). He was asked to do the design on the Mersey Ferry due to his long history with Liverpool going back to doing the Beatles album cover. As I have as friend that goes to University in Liverpool, I asked him if he was able to take a picture of the Mersey Ferry for me and send the photographs.

As you can see here are the photos he sent me. They don’t show the whole of the boat however it does give you the idea on how bright and bold it really is. The boat carry the pop art theme with the mix and match colours and patterns like check and striped and an arrange of very bright colours. Blake has used very simple colours like red, green, blue and yellow, by keeping his colour pallet small it became more effective and striking. I thinks its over all appearance is amazing and it shows what Peter Blake is famous for.


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