Bexhill Trip

On the 30th September we visited the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill. We went to see the Peter Blake painted alphabets and his other work that was on display. This trip was to help us with both our typographic poster and zine. We were also expected to research Bexhill in general to gather photographs of type in the environment.

These are photos are of Peter Blake’s Alphabet No.10. He had use a variety of serif and san-serif fonts creating a miss match effect. Some letters matched and were the same font linking some of the letters together. He has a good knowledge of which colours go well together and the sizing of the letters. I think most of them were made out of metal however I’m not completely sure. By seeing his work it has given me plenty of inspiration for both my zine and walk with type poster. If there is one thing I have learnt from this specific piece of work is that different typefaces can look really effective next to each other, showing a bigger range and of type. While at the exhibition I made a variety of sketches of more of Peter Blake’s work. Here are some of my sketches I did while in Bexhill:

The First page of sketches is mostly of the previous metal alphabet. The reason why I chose to sketch these typefaces was because of the different texture that was given through the use of metal, although I didn’t clearly show this through my sketches. The sketch at the bottom of the first image was actually from a painting of his:


What I like about this piece was that it was very different from most of his work. I loved how it combined paint, photography and type together. What I liked about the chosen font was how raw it looked. To me it looked as if it could be used on military equipment (stenciled). I think my sketch looked pretty and resembled the text from the artwork. It was also used in another of his pieces of work , this was possibly a very popular font of his. The font really suits the style of the artwork below as I think it shows an element of art deco in both the design and typeface.

The second page of sketches were more random however my favourite was the 10D sign. I decided to use fine liner for this sketch as it was quite a dark and bold font. dscn4420

Here it looks aged to the stained background however the font looks more like a serif than a san-serif. I loved how on the 0 it is thinner at the top and bottom and broader on either side and the 1 complements the 0 with the bold strokes however continuing the detail of a serif font. If I were to use this type for my zine or type poster it might go well with a collage or maybe a retro themed paged due to the big and bold font plus the aged black white colour theme help add this effect.

Alphabet No.10 “D”- This typeface is a 3D metal letter. It is blue in colour however it has been given a distress and aged feel by having some of the paint scratched off. This letter is a serif font and by having it 3D I think it stands out more, especially when put against the other letters from the artwork alphabet. This could look very effective on the type poster as it prominent and dominating. If I were to use this in my zine it may be useful in collage very similar to the punk movement or to pop art.

Alphabet No.10 “G”- This Typeface is a flat 2D letter. It has a two tones, The centre of the G is gold and the outline is red. This gives the letter a 3D effect even though it isn’t, it also look like a shadow on the letter. It is more sans-serif than serif as the edges are more rounded. This types mostly done by sign writers and has been done throughout history, it is usually done with gold leaf.

“I Love You Very Much”- This piece of art work include both flat and 3D letters. The contrast works wonderfully as well as the big variety in colours. The grey background helps  make the letters standout also meaning he could et more colours to work better. He has also included lights in one of the O’s, I had brainstormed that idea for my zine which has shown that it is possible. This collage effect has inspired me to use this technique in either or both of my projects. He has also added textured letters such as wooden and gold, these standout and contrast the solid block colour letters and gives the artwork depth and variety.

Other font found around Bexhill.


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