Research for H.E Graphics

How do you define research?:  The investigation into multiple materials and sources to learn facts.

Research is made up of a mixture of things for example:

Qualitative– Based on appreciation and quality

Quantitative  Based on numbers or quantity:

  • Statistics
  • surveys
  • charts
  • graphs

What are Primary and Secondary sources?

Primary Sources are first hand accounts, original artefacts from an museum or gallery. These can include paintings, letters, important historical documents etc. 

Secondary Sources are books,films, audio or some other recorded or secondary matter. 

However magazines and books can be both Primary and Secondary sources.

We use Primary and Secondary sources all the time, for example when you go food shopping you search for the best deal trying to quality and quantity for a reasonable prince. Research is knowledge is made by others and ourselves. practical tasks and experiments are research as well. In fact we use primary and secondary sources in every day-to-day life. We are constantly researching.

However why do we research? We research to become more objective and less subjective. Objective meaning the truth and facts where as subjective means you and your opinions. It is good to include your opinion as long as you can justify it with reasons and facts. At H.E level your opinion won’t count unless you justify it.

The reason why we research will continue on the photo below.


Although we research everyday without knowing, there are different kinds of research. First there is Directed research which includes “Book learning” which is looking up information in books what people have already said about that topic, doing practical work or experiments and analysis of objects, experiences etc. There is also Undirect research which includes serendipity. Serendipity is also known as ‘accidental discovery’, however it is never accidental as we as graphic designers have been taught to have a prepared mind and by that I mean knowing where to spot a design opportunity.



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