Divergent & Convergent Thinking

Aim: To explore or Refresh Divergent thinking and to prepare ideas for Bexhill trip.

There is nothing so dangerous as an idea when it is the only one you have. – Emile Chartier 
The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. -Linus Pauling

In what ways do you think that these quotes are important for a graphic designer to think about?:

  • How can you improve you designs and ideas if there is nothing to compare it with
  • Having lots of ideas can help eliminate the good and bad ideas
  • Lots of ideas can can help develop one good idea

Divergent Thinking is lots of ideas about a design or topic (fast failure), no matter how silly. It is to help build creative thoughts and ditch the logics of ideas and be as creative as possible. 

Many uses for a Paperclip 

First task: 90 seconds

  1. Key
  2. Knife
  3. Spoon
  4. Scissors
  5. Dart
  6. Pin
  7. Needle
  8. Hair Clip
  9. Hair Band
  10. Spring
  11. Bracelet

With this first task I could have come up with more ideas however this was a warm up to get my brain going.

Many uses for a Yacht 

Second task: 90 seconds

  1. Tent
  2. Car
  3. Climbing Frame
  4. Washing Line
  5. Bath
  6. Swimming Pool
  7. Slide
  8. Swing
  9. Diving board
  10. Bed

Many uses for a Panda

Third task: 5 mins

  1. Pet
  2. Statue
  3. Stuffed
  4. Bed cover
  5. Rug
  6. Coat
  7. Seat cover
  8. Cuddly Toy
  9. Wall Hanging
  10. Painting
  11. Keyring
  12. Curtains
  13. Pillow
  14. Headband

Convergent Thinking is sorting through your Divergent ideas and finding what is effective, what might work and what are the logistics. 

The situation I was given was ‘ Tonbridge council are struggling with the amount of violence and attacks. It is proven that music can reduce violence. Come up with ideas how Tunbridge Council could use music to help reduce or prevent violence?’

My ideas were:

  1. Use speakers to project soothing music in the high street to help calm the public and reduce crime and violence. 
  2. Have an online playlist of soothing music which people can access from their phones.
  3. Interactive advertisement that helps people of age groups socialise (Linked to music).
  4. Rewards to go to music events for good/ improved behaviour.
  5. Musician meet ups
  6. have more shops linked to music.
  7. Hold Monthly Concerts for improved behaviour.
  8. Play different types of music to attract different people.
  9. Have live musicians play around town.
  10. Get famous Musicians to advertise directly at Tonbridge to get their attention.
  11. Give aways and free merchandise.
  12. Music changes to suit the time of day.

The ones in the green are my developed Convergent thinking, the most realistic but creative ideas.



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