Inspirational Artwork

We were asked to bring in a piece or style of art that we liked. It could be a poster, piece of packaging, a book or an actual piece of art. In groups we discussed why we liked our chosen artwork and we gave our opinions on other people’s chosen pieces.

The Image I chose was from a Pop Art book when studying pop art in year 1 for an essay. I loved how pop art can be so bold and breath-taking without having precision and fine detail. I find this movement as I find it very inspirational for my own work as I’m not particularly good at find detailed designs. I love the uniqueness and individuality of each piece.  In our group two of us had chosen pop art pieces of work due to the same reasons. One person had brought in a superwomen poster influenced by an english WW2 propaganda poster, it looked very similar and it suited the character and had given her a 1940’s feel. The colours worked well and overall it was a very clever and inspirational piece of advertisement (for character and her merchandise. We also saw digital painting which looked photorealistic which was completely differnt from everyone elses choice, this is what is so good about group activities as we get to share everyones views and can open up different styles and opinions.


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