Shoe Tower

Our first task was to build a shoe tower in groups with shoes we had all brought in. The shoe tower had to be as tall as possible while containing a slight glimpse  of elegance . We had a variety of shoe types which helped us create a sturdy tower. We spent the first few minuets experimenting with which technique would be more practical. We all had very different ideas on how we could achieve our goal but by listening and combing all of our ideas I think we were able to create a successful tower which followed the brief. If we were able to do this task again I think we would have brought more pairs of shoes with us to help build hight however I think we could have spent more time making the tower look more aesthetically pleasing.  What I have learnt from this exercise is that you can gain so many more ideas by shearing ideas as you can find out what other people’s views were, plus it also helps to develop your ideas further by hearing feedback. I also found it interesting how we were all given the same task however each group  managed to produced something different.


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